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Thursday, September 16, 2004

What is this shit? --humor

OK, I think I have had it with the student life. I have no time to eat, to sleep, to invest in somebody, or to drink. If I sleep, I have to skip breakfast, if I eat, I have to skip class. If I skip work, ooh, that would free up time, I would be homeless, out of school and starving in no time. But working does get in the way of eating. Forget cooking, even running to the Market or the bloody Foodcourt is a luxury I can't afford sometimes. The candy on the Bookstore's receptionist desk where I work will just have to do for now.
And then I wonder, What's with the other job I have? I go to meetings to complain about other meetings that consisted of whining about the meetings to come. Nothing ever gets done, people get pissed--lives are lost. I feel horrible.
This just isn't for me.


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